evolution theories

Most of the aging theories are trying to answer HOW it’s happened, but not WHY it’s happened, except theories based on evolution theory.
“How” theories specify one or a couple of factors that may trigger aging and explain the mechanism. Those theories may explain some areas of gerontology well enough, but fail in other areas, especially to explain “why” it is happening, why some living organisms have failed to develop adequate self-restoration defense against aging and others not. Theories based on evolution theory could provide a great explanation, but sometimes have their own problems such as the following:
a) Difficulty to explain “why” the evolution forces worked in this regard.
b) Some problematic issues in evolutionary theory itself.
c) Denial of evolution by creationists.
Opposite to evolution theories, creationism suggests that aging and natural death are part of the creation of living organisms.
Despite antagonism between evolution theories and creationism, the author suggests that evolutionary theories and creationism are not mutually exclusive and could coexist together with some assumptions.
For example, evolution may be part of creation.
The evolution theory itself is not a completely finished, clear and understood theory. A lot of questions asked are still unanswered or not fully explained; and while being explained more questions arise. There are many additional legitimized ideas, suggestions, assumptions and proposals for changing or improving classical understanding of evolution theory.

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