There are different kinds of classifications or categories of aging theories available.
– Non-biological theories: These kinds of strange theories do not explain the occurrence of the aging phenomenon and have no links to aging biology and won’t be discussed in this book.
– Biological theories: These theories should explain the origin of aging, its sources, causes and reasons, and describe physiological mechanisms.
– Evolutionary and/or creational theories: These theories explain causes, reasons and “historical” appearance of aging and natural death. Among evolutionary theories we could distinguish two major categories: a) describing aging and natural death as positive evolutionary adaptation, increasing the development of the evolution process and b) describing aging and natural death as an accidental side effect of evolution progress and adaptations. The genetic base for each category should be very different. Aging as evolutionary adaptation should be based on genetic grounds, special genes, responsible for such development. Aging as evolutionary side-effect or accidental by-product of evolution progress does not include any specific genetic ground or genes responsible for aging. Until now, there is no known genetic ground or genes causing aging or natural death.
– Genetic theories: This category of theories explains aging and natural death as different genetic failures.
– Different theories mostly refer to one or a few possible aging mechanisms.
All theories are connected and partially overlapping; sometimes they differ in small details and rarely contradict each other. In many cases it is difficult to categorize a theory into one specific category because of their complicity; that’s why any classification would be relatively artificial and mostly semantic rather than functional.

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