genetic theories

DNA damage theory of aging:
DNA damage theory of aging suggests that the aging process is a result of the accumulation of unrepaired naturally occurring DNA damages.
Genetic mutations theories of aging:
This theory specifically mentions mutation as a main cause to DNA damage, leading to aging.
Telomere theory of aging:
This theory connects the aging process to shortening of telomeres during chromosomal replications, which lead to the stoppage of cell division and as a result to aging and natural death.
There are two main questions for the group of genetic-based aging theories:
1. Reasons or factors for genetic damages, induced by a hostile environment or random errors of gene replications and/or genes-protein translation.
2. Why is there no sufficient mechanism of genes’ damage repair (whatever the reasons are), at least in species having aging.
The second question is the loop and sending us back to evolution (or creationism) aging theories.

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